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Innovation is the fruit of a collective ambition, that of our employee`s and our customers. Each year, a competition, Orange Innovation Cup, encourages the emergence of new services useful to everyone through the development of applications.The 2021 edition gives Orange employees carte blanche to propose innovative solutions in three categories.

Editing 2021
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Employee innovation at the service of the planet and digital inclusion.

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Explore new horizons combining augmented reality and 5G.

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Free Category

Let yourself be surprised ...

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Orange Innovation Cup RSE


Learn more about CO2 emissions produced at work and on your way from and to the office. Test your knowledge, input data about how you travel around and collect all the badges to become a master of green living.

The application sends daily notifications about environment topics. Furthermore, the info notification is followed by a daily question that aims to test your knowledge about a specific environmental topic.

You can also log your transport activity in order to calculate the CO2 emissions based on different transport types. Each of these activities are reworded with points that contribute to unlocking your ecological badges.

Through the use of Info Pills and Quizzes, our aim is to raise awareness of CO2 emissions in daily activities and help you learn how to reduce your carbon footprint.

Some of our features include:

- Information Pills, with daily news about pollution and how to control it

- Quizzes that test your knowledge

- A profile dashboard featuring an activity history, where you can see your progress

- Dark mode

- Transportation manager, that is used to calculate your carbon footprint from your journeys

- QR code scanner that redirects to relevant information

- Ranking system with badges, where you can level up through the reading of Pills, solving of Quizzes and more from being a Light Green to a Super Green

We are still making changes and improvements to eCO2Office, so if you have any feedback or features you’d like us to add, please let us know in the Feedback section of the app.

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Orange Innovation Cup AR
Alberto and Janet, two virtuous soldiers, need your help to find and defeat the Miggits before it's too late.
A fun game in Augmented Reality
Orange Innovation Cup
l'annuaire vocal cherche, suggère et appelle gratuitement le professionnel dont vous avez besoin. 

Il vous fournit toutes les coordonnées (contact, horaires d'ouverture, numéro de téléphone ...) ! Pour cela, il suffit de chercher le professionnel en disant "trouve un hôtel à Bordeaux" ou faire une recherche à proximité "cherche un resto autour de moi" (si la permission est activé) .  

Il peut aussi trouver les professionnels ouverts en disant "trouve un médecin ouvert maintenant".
Pour les appels gratuits, dites simplement "appeler" pour le professionnel suggéré, votre téléphone va sonner et vous mets en relation avec ce professionnel

 (Pensez à accorder la permission à ton numéro de téléphone Français du compte Amazon) .
Orange Innovation Cup RSE

SuperCodingBall is a free educational game, which aims to introduce programming, through the theme of football!

The player will train a team of 4 footballers (the humans) who will face 4 monsters.

The team's strategy is made with blocks (Scratch-like), then the game takes place automatically following the strategies of the two opponents.

Orange Innovation Cup RSE
Tout ce que vous avez toujours voulu savoir sur les impacts du changement climatique sans jamais oser le demander !!!

  • Où fera-t-il plus de 35°C 25 jours par an en 2070 ?
  • Où pleuvra-t-il 5 jours d’affilée en 2040 ?
  • Que va-t-il se passer si le Rhône déborde à Lyon ?
  • Où se trouve les populations les plus vulnérables qu’il faudrait évacuer en premier lors d’une catastrophe climatique ? 
Venez sur HelloClimate visualiser tout ceci ou télécharger vos propres équipements pour voir les impacts du changement climatique pour vous !

Orange Innovation Cup

Sécurisez votre adresse mail en 1 clic

Être victime de piratage peut avoir de lourde conséquences même pour un particulier : rançon, fraude bancaire, usurpation d’identité etc… 


Alors que les fuites de données sont de plus en plus nombreuses et médiatiques. Sécuriser ses données personnelles est un véritable enjeux.

La question n’est pas de savoir si on va être piraté mais de savoir quand. permet de se protéger efficacement du phishing et de sécuriser son adresse mail en 1 clic, il est possible de :


- savoir si une adresse mail est présente dans une base de données

- trouver un mot de passe non présent dans une base de données

Orange Innovation Cup
To make sure you don't forget anything, with Preference List you can easily create your own checklists or use existing ones.
Orange Innovation Cup
EasyComposer allows you to compose a song with a small group of people online. Each member in the group is responsible for a single track. You can tap your notes in the track with the most favorite instrument. In the end, all the tracks are put together to make up the song. 

You can export your products in MIDI files, MP3 audios, or Music score sheets. You can also share them with your friend to enjoy your great work.
Orange Innovation Cup
A community for people who is versed in prediction

Intuition Network gather people who is avid and good at prediction. we give one puzzle question every day or two, user can participate and give their choice. The correct answer will be the option chosen most by user. It bring bit fun and bit relaxing to people in this chaotic world.
Orange Innovation Cup VR

Friends Moments allows friends and family to meet together, regardless of the distance, to discuss and spend time together through their avatars in a spacious house. With this application, you can share good times with loved ones with various activities:

Play ping-pong, chess, darts or dices

- Guess words drawn in 3D

- Watch video together

A random house number is assigned and displayed in the Connect menu. This number is also visible on the watch if the player has already joined the house. So, to be in the same house, the first player must communicate the house number to his friends. Then the other players must enter the house number in the Connect menu.